3D Running Games

Cluster Rush Unblocked

Cluster Rush Unblocked, a thrilling strategy game where players navigate through dynamic mazes, outsmarting opponents with quick reflexes and strategic planning.

Fall Boys Unblocked

Fall Boys Unblocked, an addictive platformer, offers thrilling jumps, vibrant graphics, and simple controls for all ages.

Slope 2 Unblocked

Slope 2 Unblocked takes you on an exhilarating journey through endless slopes. Master gravity, dodge obstacles, and race against time in this fast-paced, addictive game.

Run 3 Unblocked

Run 3 Unblocked combines addictive gameplay with innovative mechanics, offering endless fun and challenging obstacles.

Zeng & Rez
Temple Run 2 Unblocked

Temple Run 2 Unblocked is an incredible game that you simply must try. With a variety of power-ups and upgrades to collect along the way, you'll never get bored

Unblockeds Games
Subway Surfers Unblocked

Subway Surfers Unblocked Game that offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with non-stop running, obstacle dodging, and the quest for coins and power-ups

Unblockeds Games
Running Fred Unblocked

Play Running Fred Unblocked for free. Running Fred is a fun and interesting endless-running game.

Slope 3 Unblocked

Slope 3 Unblocked is the newest running 3D game that will challenge your abilities.

Tunnel Rush Unblocked

Tunnel Rush online is the ultimate 3D single-player experience. Blaze your way through caves and tunnels.

Slope Unblocked

Slope Unblocked is the ultimate running 3D game that will challenge your abilities. Accelerate down a randomized slope. The quicker the ball moves, the further you go.